About Organisation

We, The Crescent Foundation, are an award-winning NGO working for the upliftment of social standards in the five domains- Education, Health, Social, Aesthetic, and Athletic. We have successfully carried out some very innovative projects ( like free ration-card camps, providing basic documentation to school children, free health camps for the elderly, blood-donation camps, BPO training camps, etc.) that have been strongly acknowledged by the administrative authorities.

Our Functionary

Mohammed Siddique

      A face of social, perseverance, and love for slums people. Mohammed Siddique was born on 13th June 1977 in Nanded city, India. After school education he enrolled for graduation in B.Sc. from SRTMUN University.
Began his social aims in 1998 when he was in first year of B.Sc where he establish a NGO of "NANDED DISTRICT ROLLER SKATING ASSOCIATION", for Development of Nanded city Sports activities and had taken the responsibility as Chief Functionary (Founder Secretary). In this time he organized more than 20 tournament & sports camps in these activities above 5000 Children have taken benefit and upgrade their sports skills.
After two years, he selected for "NANDED CENTRAL LIBRARY" as a General Secretary and he run this NGO successfully with huge benefit to society till now. In 2002, he was youngest member in this society elected as the Joint Secretary of a "BAITUL ULOOM EDUCATION SOCIETY" which is establish in 1968, "BUES" is running a school for slum area since 1969 upto 10Th class, thousands of student are taking education from this institute.
In 2006, Mohammed Siddique with his six close friends set up a charitable foundation known as the "MINORITY MEDICAL & RESEARCH FOUNDATION". He believes that he can minimize the health related problems of needy people of India by caring and helping them, they can play an important role a health increasingly in the societies. The Foundation works for needy patients and their medical issues in India.
Mohammed Siddique is also closely involved with many charities with a special emphasis on those working with civil society. He is founder & chief functionary of "THE CRESCENT FOUNDATION". Through this organization he actively and consistently struggling for the all-round development of the Urban & rural poor, farmers, workers, minorities and downtrodden. Special Interests Promotion of Education, Health, Economy, Social issues related to the empowerment of the slums area and other oppressed sections of society, international affairs As well as fighting for human rights in her professional career. Mohammed siddique is an active campaigner on equality and human rights issues. he has spoken across the India on that issue and also on the need for improved work/life balance for slums civil society.


The Crescent Foundation, Nanded.

Tauseef Ahmed Khan

EC - Member

By profession he is Legal Counsel and holds BSL-LLB Degree from SRTM University-Maharashtra.....

B.Sc. from MANU University-Andhra Pradesh and LLM in International Trade Law from National Law School  (NUALS-KOCHI) Kerala. In past he has practiced as an Advocate in Nanded Dist. Court & Aurangabad High Court. Currently he is working as LEGAL COUNSEL for Global Investment Banking & International Financial Institutions.  He believes in "Unity in Diversity" with equal rights of living for all. He is always ready for social activities to remove poverty & unemployment from all communities and for this we all have to stand. He has been very supportive for many of TCF's campaigns and does have a wide network with volunteers. "We don't always get what we wish for but we get what we work for"He is a proud member of TCF.

Rajesh W Ragte

Jiont secretary

Rajesh W Ragte is well known social activist of Nanded and he is part of various NGO's .....

Rajesh W Ragte is well known social activist of Nanded and he is part of various NGO's working in different causes by profession he has completed BSc  and D. Pharmacy. He has played key roles in our various projects and always guided our team on various activities. He is kind heart person with deep understaning of community work. In TCF he is joint secretary and manages all the related tasks.

Syed Gulam Ahmad


Syed Gulam Ahmad is a well known business person of Nanded city and  with great understanding .....

Syed Gulam Ahmad is a well known business person of Nanded city and  with great understanding of various grassroot social evils and has seen powerty very closely.He has dedicated his time and money on various social causes right from the begining of TCF and he is a key player of our team. He is a great motivator and supportive. He is currently holding the post of Present of TCF and under his guidance we were able to garnish support from various section in the  society for our different projects and causes.