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A self sustained, empowered, human and peaceful society.

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    THE CRESCENT FOUNDATION is registered under the Government of India Trust Act Section 1950, 1860. It has an Executive board who frame the policies and action items and pass down the action items to the Ground level working committee. There are several different wings of the ground level working committee and every wing has several general members to implement the policies and work items of the board on the ground. A general body meeting is to be held every year. The executive board is elected for a Five-year term, and will be dissolved and newly elected By and from the members by an electoral process.


Our mission is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged people of India on a sustainable basis. We will make use of multiple platforms and mediums to reach this goal and be one of the most respected NGO known for its practice and ethics. TCF was formed to respond to this issue and is the initiative and effort to facilitate Empowering community development process.


The crescent foundation is home to peoples and nature beset with problems of poverty, illiteracy, unequal distribution of wealth, exploitation and all the associated ills. This is a result of lack of awareness, illiteracy, poor planning and the wanton greed of a section of human society. So our vision “A self sustained, empowered, human and peaceful society.”


  • The society by making a sustainable difference in life of the underprivileged.
  • Our Members to develop their skills in this field so that they can take higher responsibility in the organization.
  • The Donors by making judicious use of funds.
  • Other NGOs in helping them achieving their goals

What We Do ?

We are running various projects under The Crescent Foundation which includes some below projects



Education is birth right of every human beings. We the CRESCENT PUBLIC SCHOOL moving ahead with the aim of to bring awareness in education & to decrease the dropout rate in backward section and slum area. This school is run in slum area where the dropout rate is very highest in Nanded District. From last 05 years successfully we are running this school for the betterment of poor and backward for peoples from this slum area. In this area mostly or else we can say 95% of families are uneducated and financially weak. From last 5 years 220 children’s got benefits .

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According to World Health Organisation (WHO) report, only nine million units are collected annually, while the need is for 12 million units In India. Reason due to shortage of blood bank centers. We the crescent foundation initiating CRSCENT BLOOD BANK soon by the end of this year for the needy peoples. 70% got held due to blood bank equipments. We are looking for funds for the purchasing of blood bank equipments once we get it we will start is as soon as possible.

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the crescent foundation started this medical store to supply the good qualities medicine on cheap rates specially to the peoples how comes under the poverty line and the peoples who cannot afford higher price medicine for their treatment we thanks to our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi For this awesome and projects started for poor peoples. We feel proud that we are part of this social cause. Every day above 150 patients approaches this project and above 70 to 80 percents people get benefited everyday with this project

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Nowadays Unemployment is a main issue in India. To decrease the unemployment ratio in India we are running CRESCENT JOB CENTER from last 04 year in Nanded district. On daily basis we post different types of vacancies. We guide youth for the interview preparation through job center project for free of coast. This year JOB center activities is held due to renovation of building the owner of that building is renovating it next year he will handover to us with the meeting hall, conference hall, training hall.

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Latest Events

We are doing various events under The Crescent Foundation every year, which includes some below events

Tree plantation Program in Crescent public school. (8th)

Facilities:35 trees,Banneres,snacks.
Out Come:Green city Clean city.

35 trees planted

Skill Development Program. (6th)

Facilities:Aim and vision brochures with welcome kit,Lectures by the famous personality of Nanded Mr. M.A. Basir.
Out Come:How grab the jobs and lifestyle in the society.

30 Beneficiaries

Nanded Blood Donors Directory camp. (5th)

Facilities:Broucher about blood important,,Blood grouping,Membership Card.
Out Come:Easily availability of blood in society for especially poor and needy peoples.

250 Beneficiaries

Our Apeal

Where there is charity and wisdom, there is neither fear nor ignorance.

Many children are out of school in the target area. It is found that shortage of school in this area due to lack of basic needs. Peoples are struggling for earning money and for their day to day need so they cannot offer education to them in good school. Even whichever schools are available those student and teacher ratio and basic Amenities are in very poor condition. The crescent foundation has decided to setup primary and higher education centers in the area to make all children primary educated. But monetary fund is the main concern. Since The Crescent Foundation is in a very nascent stage, as like any other great initiatives, it obviously has the challenges to fulfill. The main Concern now is to collect sufficient fund for supporting the project. The Crescent Foundation appeals to all broad-minded persons to come up for the noble cause and donate for the people who need you the most. Any financial assistance for the support the noble cause is welcome. All efforts to support the movement either with financial assistance or with manual effort are welcome in The Crescent Foundation. For The Crescent Foundation the challenge has just began, it has MILES to go and would never sleep.